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Microcontroller Training System
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AVR Development Training Kit
68HC12 Microcontroller Trainer 8051 Microcontroller Trainer
A low cost, easy to use and flexible development tool and training kit used for teaching, learning and building projects based on ATMEL’s AVR microcontroller device. Suitable for microcontroller interfacing and design application. A self contained system, equipped with the USB ISP microcontroller programmer/writer, built-in application interface modules, user guide, lab experiment manual, sample programs & other development tool to get user’s projects started without haste. The system includes a standard ATMega32L AVR microcontroller as a device sample.
Programs are written and compiled on the host PC, and then to be downloaded/programmed directly to the AVR microcontroller device using the handy ISP programmer via the USB interface. The programmed can then be executed to simulate various hardware interface experiments. Sample programs are provided to help the user to quickly get familiarize with the development system and with AVR microcontrollers. At present, this training kit has been tested with ATMega 16/32/32L/8535L and ATtiny 2313. User can download AVR software such as AVR Studio free from website
ARM Dev Training Kit