© 2004 Vision Venture Technology Sdn Bhd. All right reserved. Designed by VVT Web-Team. VVT provide you better solutions, better services & support! For more information, call us at +(603)-6259 3041 We provide the best solutions for your Laboratory’s Test Instruments, Development Tools, Training Systems & Digital Design Solutions CD / DVD Education Trainer Model: ABLELGOIC DVD-500 The DVD-500 is a robust, user -friendly and self contained training system that teaches the basic fundamental theory, basic operation and construction of a typical CD/DVD system. This trainer is most suitable and ideal for both teaching and learning of an optical system. Also ideal as a teaching tool for CD/DVD system maintenance & troubleshooting. This educational trainer is designed to enable the studies of each of the main component block with ease. The system comes with clearly labeled component mimic diagrams and dedicated blocks to clearly show users the functional system blocks and its function of dedicated blocks. Built-in wiring points, connectors and test points for circuit signal measurements & probe. Bundled with the comprehensive operational manual and student workbook, the DVD-500 is indeed a proven tool in helping users to get their electronics courses started without haste.