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Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Model: DSO Series
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DSO-3000 series digital storage oscilloscopes provide you with excellent performance and strong functions in a compact design. Even as a new generation of portable low-priced general product, the series still offers many measurement functions of middle or high end product and meets your measurement requirement with affordable cost. With bandwidth 25MHz, 60MHz , 100MHz and 200MHz, the series offers a maximum real-time sampling rate of 1Gsps and equivalent sampling rate of 50Gsps to ensure you accurate observation of signal details. Many standard configured advanced characteristics such as multi trigger modes, auto measurement, digital filtering, waveform storage, math function, FFT, PASS/FAIL judgement, multi communication interfaces, etc. make the measuring more convenient and quickly.
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Features •Signal bandwidth: 25MHz/60MHz/100MHz/200MHz Real-time sampling rate: Max. 1Gsps Equivalent sampling  rate: Max. 50Gsps •5.6-inch TFT LCD Color display with better clearance, multi-color schemes available •With up to 2.4Mpts memory depth, more signal details can be seen. •Independent vertical scale and position control knobs for each channel •Edge, Pulse width and Video trigger mode available. Alternating triggering function is also available to stably  display asynchronous signals •Unique variable trigger sensitivity to suit special measurement requirements on different occasions •Math functions including add, subtract, multiply and 1024-point FFT •Up to 24 kinds of parameters automatic measurements •Advanced cursor modes: Manual, Auto and Track •Practical low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject digital filters with adjustable cut-off frequency •Unique waveform recording and playback function. •PASS / FAIL detection, optical isolated PASS/FAIL output •Built-in 5 digits hardware frequency counter •Auto-calibration feature •Multiple language user interface •Pop-up menu, the user operation more convenient and intuitive •Embedded help information system in Chinese and English •Up to 10 internal setup and waveform files memories, external storage of setup, track, waveform,  BMP bitmap and CSV files •USB Host Port, Support USB disk storage, and firmware upgrade can be carried out through an USB disk. •PRINT button pressed to directly store the screen image (BMP) or the waveform data (CSV) in an USB disk •USB device, LAN (only for B series) and RS232C interface for the instrument remote control •Upgrade the working procedure via USB HOST