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Digital Electronics Training System
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Digital Electronics Lab Training System
Digital Lab Trainer
A robust, user -friendly and self contained digital training system that teaches the basic fundamental theory of digital electronics, concept, theory, construction of digital electronics circuits and its application. Comes with comprehensive user guide and workbook with fully worked answers. The main base unit is equipped with various I/O devices on the main system board to facilitate construction of circuit with ease. The system also comes with a comprehensive set of modular experiment board modules that covers most digital logic circuit theory practices and application such as basic logic gates/circuits, Karnaugh’s Map, Boolean algebra definition and expression, decoders, encoders, multiplexer, demultiplexer, combinational circuits, adders, subtractors, latches, RS flip flops, T flip flop, Data flip flop, Clock Triggered flip flops, JK flip flops, data shift registers, counters and much more.
DTS-300B Lab Training System DTS-200B Lab Training System