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Digital IC Tester
Model: Leaper-1A
Mini Universal Programmer Handy Universal Programmer Linear IC Tester Logic Analyzer Programmable DC Power Supply Digital Storage Oscilloscope Impulse Winding Tester
LEAPER-1A is a protable IC Tester that is especially designed for digital ICs. It has 24-PIN ZIF socket to suit different digital ICs. No PC is required to operate LEAPER-1A, it works complete in stand-alone mode through power adaptor or batteries.
Features • Easy-operating, particularly designed for the digital ICs. • Support low voltage device test. • Voltage range: 2.5V/3.0V/3.3V/5V • Device type:        54/74 xxxx TTL series        40/45/14xxx CMOS series        20xx/28xx Driver IC series        LEAPER-1A also supports other digital ICs which have same        logic function as supported digital ICs. • Provide idle mode for saving power. • High-test speed: generally test an IC in 0.6 second. • Small, portable, light and power-saving,usable with batteries. • Display:16 characters in 1 line LCD.