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Request Catalogue Handy Universal Programmer
Handy Universal Programmer
Model: Leaper-48
Mini Universal Programmer
The LEAPER-48 is a handy universal programmer.
Digital IC Tester Linear IC Tester Logic Analyzer Programmable DC Power Supply Digital Storage Oscilloscope Impulse Winding Tester
Features 1  High performance, low cost , small, light, portable and     professional design. 2  Link to PC via USB cable. 3  Support low voltage components up to 1.8V. User-selectable verify     Vcc with one or two-pass verify voltage. 4. Support FLASH/EPROM devices speedy programming. Only takes     20 seconds to process one piece of 16M bits FLASH Memory. 5  Simple and friendly software operation interface, Programming     procedures had been simplified into automatic processes. 6. Universal converters for various devices in one package. 7  Automatic detect pin insertion and contact check of devices, powerful     graph showing the situation of devices. 8 Select devices brand & number by prompt and convenient    crossing search; FLASH autoidentification.