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Microcontroller Training System
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68HC11 Microcontroller Training System
The 68HC11 EXP-AP experiment board has been designed to aid the teaching of Motorola 68000 microprocessor interfacing and digital design from simple and basic I/O control to a more complex type of control systems. Suitable for microprocessor / microcontroller based I/O interface, R&D and projects The various application modules on board allow students to easily understand each experiment section as it is worked upon. Various features incorporated into the board include digital switches, traffic light module, output LEDs, heater, light, optical position/speed sensors, 7-Segment LEDs, matrix keypad, DC motor, Stepper motors, Dot Matrix LED,potentiometer, speaker, ADC, DAC & etc.
68HC11 Multi-Application Board
Model: ABLELGOIC uC-68HC11
68HC12 Microcontroller Trainer 8051 Microcontroller Trainer
A reliable and user friendly training system based on the popular Motorola MC68HC11 microcontroller. The MC68HC11 series microcontrollers is widely recognized as an industrial standard and this makes the μC-68HC11 an ideal training system for teaching microcontroller theory and principles to student at all educational levels. It is used as a training tool to teach basic introductory level up to the advanced application level of microcontroller technology. A complete training system that comes with extensive manuals, program samples, assembler and an optional experiment application board to get the user to develop programs and see the result quickly without haste!
ARM Dev Training Kit