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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Training System
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Touch Screen PLC Training System
Panasonic PLC Omron PLC-CP1E-01N Omron PLC-CJ1M-CPU11-TK03 Omron PLC-CP1H-01
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The PLC-CJ2M-TK03 training system is a self contained standalone programmable logic controller trainer based on one of the latest Omron CJ2M-CPU11 industrial standard PLC. This PLC now features an USB port for downloading/uploading program. A HMI(Human Machine Interface) unit is incorporated into this system to demonstrate basic HMI interface via the touch screen LCD module The self integrated system includes all the necessary component to function as a complete system such as input port connectors, output port connectors, I/O status indicator, simulation input switches, power supply & etc. The PLC can be programmed via the windows based ladder diagram software such s the CX-Programmer or CX-ONE
PLC Experiment & Application