© 2004 Vision Venture Technology Sdn Bhd. All right reserved. Designed by VVT Web-Team. VVT provide you better solutions, better services & support! For more information, call us at +(603)-6259 3041 We provide the best solutions for your Laboratory’s Test Instruments, Development Tools, Training Systems & Digital Design Solutions Personal Computer Troubleshooting & Model: ABLELGOIC PCTS-900A This is a robust, reliable & self-contained advanced educational system which is used to teach the fundamental theory and hands-on practical on studies area such as: PC assembly & setup PC configuration & installation PC hardware identification PC hardware architecture, operation & function PC software installation & setup PC diagnostic testing (hardware & software) Faults simulation PC Maintenance PC fault-finding & troubleshooting using diagnostic tools The system allows the setup & configuration of all its system components which make up a complete set of multimedia PC of up to date technology.  The system is inclusive with extensive teaching & learning materials to enable user’s to get their courses started without much haste. Maintenance Training System