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Microcontroller Training System
Request Catalogue PICMicro Dev Training Kit 8051 Microcontroller Trainer 89Sxx Microcontroller Trainer AVR Dev Training Kit
PIC Starter Development Kit
68HC12 Microcontroller Trainer 68HC11 Microcontroller Trainer
PicMicro Optional Modules:
PIC Advance Training System PIC Starter Development Kit PIC  Advance System V34 USB PIC Programmer ARM Dev Training Kit PIC Development Kit
Optional : PIC-PRG3
A user friendly, robust & reliable starter/development kit based on the renowned Microchip PIC microcontrollers. Suitable to be used as a teaching and learning system that covers basic PIC microcontroller’s fundamental up to advance microcontroller programming, interfacing and control. Programming can be done in assembly, C or PIC-Basic. Various optional experiment modules available to choose from to demonstrate PIC microcontroller interfacing capability  that covers  basic I/Os, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, DC motor, stepper motor, real time clock, relays, rotary encoder,
7-segment LEDs, LCDs, buzzer, IR, matrix keypad & etc. It can also interface to various communication modules such as Bluetooth, XBee, GPS, Serial-LAN, USB-UART and etc.