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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Training System
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Panasonic PLC Training System 
Omron PLC Training System
This range of training kit is based on the popular Panasonic (formerly NAIS) FPO series I/O industrial standard micro PLC. The system includes fully working experiment lab exercises plus tutorials and sample programs.   The studies using this low cost micro PLC system can be further extend to interface with external mechatronics-based application interface or students based projects.
This micro PLC unit is connected to the application modules via the interface port using jumper cables and the PLC can be programmed using the Windows-base ladder diagram software.  This micro PLC kit is housed
in a compact & robust kit case form factor with built-in I/O port connectors, I/O status indicator, input simulation switches, power supply & etc.  Various models available for 14, 22, 30, 38 input/output.
We provide customize service for other PLC model which not found here! Please contact us for your request.
Customize Spec PLC Experiment & Application