© 2004 Vision Venture Technology Sdn Bhd. All right reserved. Designed by VVT Web-Team. VVT provide you better solutions, better services & support! For more information, call us at +(603)-6259 3041 We provide the best solutions for your Laboratory’s Test Instruments, Development Tools, Training Systems & Digital Design Solutions Robotic Car Model: ABLELGOIC PRT-200 A reliable and resourceful robotic starter kit based on the renowned Microchip PIC microcontroller. It has all the basic and sufficient feature that allows the user to build a microcontroller based basic robotic application. The built-in chip carrier board allows the user to program the microcontroller (via an optional PIC Programmer) and then run the dedicated programs. Built-in sensors, servos, battery pack, wheel assemblies, sample programs and other accessories to get your robotic project started without haste.