© 2004 Vision Venture Technology Sdn Bhd. All right reserved. Designed by VVT Web-Team. VVT provide you better solutions, better services & support! For more information, call us at +(603)-6259 3041 We provide the best solutions for your Laboratory’s Test Instruments, Development Tools, Training Systems & Digital Design Solutions Robotic Arm Model: ABLELGOIC RBT-500A The RBT-500A is a portable, robust, and user -friendly robot arm kit that teaches the fundamental interfacing theory of basic “mechatronics” control fundamentals and its application. This robotic arm kit is controlled by the renowned Microchip PIC microcontroller. A suitable and ideal for basic up to advance studies of electronics & mechanical control principals and hands on practical. As a standard, the kit includes a controller board based on the PIC microcontroller device. Program can be written on a PC & downloaded to this controller board to view its results. This allows the user to actually write source programs to program the arm’s motor. Also included is our own GUI software interface that allows each of the relevant to be controlled via am user friendly interface. In addition, a controller teaching pendant module is attached for basic robot arm positioning control. Built-in wiring points, test points and interface to ease circuit connection and signal measurements. Sample programs and development software also included. A reliable power supply unit is included.